About Our Company

We are an independently nominated, award winning printer for 4 years in a row. We specialize in printed seed paper products and have a customer base that covers the UK and Europe. A member of the Woodland Trust carbon capture program where we helped to plant over 400,000 trees last year.

Our Mission

To bring inspiration with visual products that may be used to benefit our environment.

Why Choose Us


When the paper is being made a handful of seeds is thrown onto the pulp, which creates a unique look.  Our printing methods are based upon years of experience and knowledge where the quality of our finished product is second to none.


Every batch of new stock, we always grow a sample and are proud to say, that every piece we have planted has grown.  We have even planted them as late as September and have seen new green shoots appearing.  The paper decomposes between 6 and 10 weeks and the plants will bloom again the following year.


We are proud to be registered with the UK Woodland Trust where we have helped to grow new trees.  Last year the trust grew an amazing 424,638 new trees.